The King Of Exercises For Busy People

Body weight training for busy peopleI know you’re a person ready to take action and today I’ll show you how you can get over the obstacle of getting in shape.

Are you using the following excuses to push getting in shape into a distant future? Who haven’t said “I don’t have time”, “I don’t have money to join the gym” or even “I don’t need to get in shape”. Whatever lies we tell ourselves we only push our goals further into the future.

But what if I told you that:

  • You don’t need money
  • You don’t need time
  • You don’t even need a gym

You can get lean sexy muscles and drastically reduce body fat so that you’ll look great at your next beach vacation without all those things. Personally I just got fed up with my own excuses and started another form of training instead, at home, and quit my gym membership in the process. Saving me money every month.

Benefits of Body Weight Exercise

The benefits of not being tied up to any “third party” are amazing. When I think about it I can’t really understand why I didn’t start earlier so I really recommend you to try it.

Would you believe me if I told you that you need 20 minutes to do a full body workout that get you stronger and is high intensity, helping you burn off fat as well? That fact alone shreds the “no time” excuse to pieces, right!

If you want to you can buy kettlebells and chin-up bars to complement your training but you don’t have to. You actually don’t have to spend a single dollar to get started, in periods this kind of workout (without any equipment) is all I do. And it is working well.

If you’re a person traveling a lot with your job having a few body weight routines can be an absolute life saver. Think of the chances you get to exercise in the plane, meetings or waiting in terminals. Not much. But you can always squeeze in 15 minutes in your hotel room before hitting the shower!

Efficient. That’s a word I love and the routine below is just that. Try it and be amazed.

Body Weight Training Routine

Every now and then I post the exercise routines I use myself under the 15 minute workouts section of the blog. Check it out and see if you find anything you like. For this post I’m going to use a body weight training routine called the crazy 8 and walk you through it. You can also check out the video below to get a quick explanation on how to do each exercise.

Start this routine by warming up for a few minutes, just so that you break a sweat and your heart start beating. Then do the following routine 3 times in a row, no break between exercises and only 60 seconds break after a full routine is done. So you do:

  • Full routine – no breaks
  • Break 60 seconds (set a timer)
  • Full routine – no breaks
  • Break 60 seconds (set a timer)
  • Full routine – no breaks
  • Done!

As the name crazy 8 suggests the routine is 8 exercises and it’s a full body weight workout that you can do almost anywhere. If you’re not exhausted after this you’re not pushing yourself, and this is key to burning fat. Actually if you do this with high intensity as you should you can burn fat up to 48 hours after doing the exercise.

That’s just one of the benefits. Now on to the routine

  1. 60 jumping jacks
  2. 20 Spiderman pushups
  3. 20 Walking lunges (do ordinary lunges if you have limited space)
  4. 20 Spiderman climb
  5. 45 seconds Squat hold
  6. 60 seconds Plank
  7. 5 Burbees ( do more if you can!)
  8. 50 High knees

After one round of this you’re probably going to wonder if you can do 2 more, but don’t worry you can do it. It will demand some will power to go through this but these kinds of workouts are just about as efficient you can get. Spend 15 minutes and give it all you’ve got, then relax for the rest of the day.

Thee crazy 8 routine is from turbulence training which I highly recommend. If you need routines that are efficient and really burn fat and build muscle this is the workouts to use. Note that this is an affiliate link so if you choose to buy a workout program I get a small commission that help me keep running the site.

Do you need more tips about fitness motivation, diet and exercise? Check out my books from,

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  1. This is a great post which is especially beneficial for working adults. I normally do my exercises at home because you cannot get the chance to use the equipment or machines in the gym. I am glad you wrote some useful body weight training exercise which I can use. I enjoyed reading your blog thank you :)

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