10 Kankyo Kaizen Hacks That Will Get You Healthy And Fit

Fitness and Health Hacks

kai zen – Japanese for “continuous improvement” kan kyo – Japanese for “environment” or “surroundings” Working with small changes can be the difference between success and failure. How about adding some small hacks to your life that will help you be more healthy, more productive and perhaps even get in shape? The words kankyo kaizen isn’t something […]

Your Beliefs Can Kill You

Beliefs is something I address in my book 25 Fitness Failures That Keep You Fat and it is the most important thing to really focus on if you want change in your life. Change your belief about something and you can do things and accomplish things you previously didn’t thought was possible. In my book […]

The Best Productivity Tips That Will Help You Take Your Time Back

how to be more productive

Time. Don’t you wish you had more of it?  Think about it, time is the one thing that you can’t get more of no matter how hard you try. That’s why time, or the lack of it is a major stress factor in our society. Money is another one, but there’s an abundance of money […]

Make Room For Your Success – What Are Your Priorities?

So you’re struggling to squeeze in all the to-do’s you have on you agenda every day? How’s that working for you? It isn’t just work related stuff we have to do but for a lot of people work still occupies at least 8 – 10 hours of their day, 5 days a week (or more). […]

How To Survive An All-Inclusive Vacation And Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

I’m writing this while sitting on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean sea and life is great! Two weeks of sunshine, new places to visit and an amazing display of food to eat, from early morning to late night. But how do you cope with all the food available without putting on weight? The only […]

One Three Letter Word That Will Change Your Life Forever

Motivation. Wouldn’t you agree that is the single most difficult part of weight loss and keeping fit? It seems that many people, including myself from time to time, get started and are highly motivated for one or two months. Then something happens and you quit. Asking one single question can change how you motivate yourself. […]

Redefine The Possible

This is such an amazing story that really deserves to be shared. Last year a guy called Spencer West climbed the mountain of Kilimanjaro. Many others has done this before but the amazing thing with this story is that Spencer did this accomplishment without legs! He lost his legs as a kid and still managed […]

The End Of Vulture Neck: Simple Equipment Relieves Upper Back Pain

Does your neck look like this?

How much time a day do you spend in front of a screen? Since I started working (a long time ago) with computer software my screen time has just been insane. Unfortunately it doesn’t get any better and it comes with a price. The truth is you don’t have to have a job in the […]

The King Of Exercises For Busy People

Body weight training for busy people

I know you’re a person ready to take action and today I’ll show you how you can get over the obstacle of getting in shape. Are you using the following excuses to push getting in shape into a distant future? Who haven’t said “I don’t have time”, “I don’t have money to join the gym” […]

Natural Weight Loss Recipes – Lemon Salmon

Here’s a great salmon recipe that is easy to cook. You can serve other than quinoa for the kids such as pasta, but for adults quinoa is a better choice.